This blog opens with a song

Each blog has a genesis. This is my “- begins”, but – I’ll skip the introductions and just get on with it.

Here is a song of mine. It’s an adaptation of what I consider to be a modern-cinema score masterpiece; Hans Zimmer’s “The Battle” from the movie Gladiator. I listened carefully through the original track and gathered all the pieces I thought were important when creating a heavy metal style equivalent. There are a few highlights and specific sections in the original which I definitely wanted to include. If you are familiar with the score, you should know what I’m talking about.
Just as it is often so in the cinematic scores, I tried to use the best bits sparingly to maintain tension or momentum or some other pretentious crap like that. If anyone is interested, the software that were used are:

  • Guitars and bass: ESP Ltd with freeware VST amps.
  • Drums and orchestral sounds: EastWest Composer Cloud (monthly subscription – nice!). Drums are from Ministry of Rock 2 and the orchestra is from Symphonic Orchestra Gold.
  • Reaper and some other VST plugins for recording and mixing.

Secondly, a few words concerning this blog.

At first, I created my own blog from scratch for these ramblings. I spent many many many hours building my very own post publishing system and it was nice. This was hugely entertaining and educating, because I am a web application developer by profession and I rarely get to experience with my own coding, style and rules.

Then I switched to this WordPress format, just to get some good experience working with it. I still am highly sceptical of this idea that everything is done and ready for you. Download all these cool plugins and themes easily for free and learn nothing in the process! I guess it’s kind of nice that the actual content can be created quickly which must be the whole point of it.

I still miss the happy olden days when web pages looked interesting and had funky layouts. Everything is so WordPress this and mobile first responsive blah blah that nowadays…I might revert back to something simple some day but for now, this will have to do.

The banner image is from something I’m planning to write about in the following posts. So before that it kind of works as a teaser. of an oak, not a strange cartoonesque 3D-rendered tugboat. You can also leave a comment if you care.

-Bon Antza

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