Another song ready! (Ghost – From the Pinnacle to the Pit)

I had the chance to finish another song whilst working from home for an entire week. The reason I was stationed at home was having to dog-sit our visiting furball who sadly can’t be left alone in an apartment. This amounted to some creative achievements.

And señor Slurpigans* didn’t mind the distorted guitars and overall metal mayhem at all:

The dog is black.

*Not his real name.

Speaking of “creative”, my newly-finished cover version isn’t very. Because of time limitations I wasn’t interested in exploring some new angles or adaptations. I just wanted to record the song identically but with my own playing, singing and instruments. Once again, free vst instruments were used for guitar amps and EastWest libraries for the drums, bass and choirs.

I am super-critical when it comes to my own stuff, especially singing. But this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. From the beginning it was clear that in order the publish anything with vocals, I’d had to improve my vocal mixes. So I brought in some big guns. I did some initial research and then downloaded Ozone’s Nectar 2 Production Suite plugin’s trial version. Though it is a bit expensive for now ($299), I think I may have to purchase the full version because it integrated so nicely into my workflow. It’s nice how you can edit the vocal lines’ pitch live when the track is playing. Previously when I’ve experimented with this, I’ve had to export the track outside my sequencer software, do the needed changes, and then import the file back in the program. Very tedious.

Anyway, gabble gabble gabble, here is the actual song, enjoy!

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